The New Olga’s Diner in Marlton is Open & Features Vegan Menu

Olga’s Diner is back and offers something for everyone — including vegans.

The new Olga’s Diner opened this past week at 200 Route 73 North in Marlton. It is a remake of the iconic diner that was located where Routes 70 and 73 meet and closed in 2008.

This is not your parent’s or grandparent’s Olga’s Diner, though. While classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are offered all day long, they’ve considered the vegetarians and vegans who may want to dine at the establishment as well.

Vegan specials such as the Beyond Burger and dishes made with locally produced Michael’s Savory Seitan are featured on the special vegan menu. This is good news for those who are trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle or simply want non-meat options.

Looking forward to visiting soon! Have you been yet? Sound off in the comments.

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