Peace Love Pickles at Simply Station Haddon Heights

Peace Love Pickles Available at Simply Station in Haddon Heights

Folks, if you remember Peace Love Pickles and miss your pickle sandwich connection in South Jersey, keep reading! The pickle-centric joint located at 803 White Horse Pike in Haddon Township was an absolute sensation for a hot minute. People couldn’t get enough of their pickle goodness!

The spot, formerly known as Elsie’s, which used pickles in place of buns for sandwiches, had folks going crazy, and the buzz reached far and wide, even getting attention on a national and international scale. It was pickle pandemonium the entire time it was open.

Owners Katherine Cohen Jordan and her husband Chad had a bonafide smash hit of a food business on their hands. But at the height of its success (there were also two franchised locations in other areas of New Jersey), it all came to a screeching halt!

In August 2021, Chad had a terrifying accident requiring extensive surgery. In fact, during a grueling 8.5-hour surgery, he underwent chest wall reconstruction. Surgeons had to rebuild ribs 2 through 9 using titanium. He survived, thankfully, but it was a horrifying experience, nonetheless!

While Chad won’t ever fully recover from that ordeal, he will always have some pain, but you know what? Considering everything he’s been through, he’s hanging in there and doing pretty darn okay.

Still, this life-changing event forced the family to make a tough call. They had to shut down the beloved Peace Love Pickles shop in Haddon Township back in 2022. They needed to shift their focus to Chad’s recovery, which meant bidding farewell to the pickle paradise they had created.

Can you imagine South Jersey without its pickle fix? It was a sad pickle situation, my friends. But here’s the twist: the demand for their pickle delights just wouldn’t let up! People kept asking if they would ever reopen or bring back those pickle sandwiches in some way, shape, or form.

Along came Lauren Cummins from Simply Station in Haddon Heights with a proposal. She wanted to bring the Jordans pickle concept to her health food shop in Haddon Heights and sell their pickle products there. After much discussion, they decided to take Cummings up on her offer. Why not, right? Give the people what they want!

And starting this weekend, they’re relaunching Peace Love Pickles at Simply Station.

Katherine Cohen Jordan said of the return at Simply Station, “We think it’s a good fit, a perfect pairing to bring back those pickle sandwiches.”

At first, they will offer a limited selection of their best-selling products – the Famous Italian and Tomato Slider, with other items to come depending on how well this goes. And don’t you worry; the Jordans will supervise to ensure the quality remains top-notch. However, Lauren will manage the day-to-day operations.

Lauren explained how it all came together, “I went to GNC on a random Saturday to purchase protein for Simply Station that’s when I met Katherine and Chad. Katherine had questions regarding my purchase since clearly it looked like I loved it. We chatted for a few before I left never thinking I would see them ever again. Fast forward to a couple days later, Katherine came walking into the shop. We got talking about being business owners, how were both in real estate and had quite a bit in common. The more and more we talked the more I wanted to bring pickle sandwiches to the shop. We already have a unique menu and thought this would make it bigger and better. I thrive on providing my customers with healthy fast food options such as smoothies, protein shakes, protein bagels, energizing drinks and now pickles. After much discussion with my husband (Jarret Cummins), we felt we had nothing to lose by simply asking Katherine and Chad to partner up. I learned in life that the answer is always no if you never ask so I have gotten comfortable with asking. And here we are today!”

You can pre-order them at Simply Station. Just give them a ring or send a text to 856-493-5596.

But here’s the scoop: get your order in by Friday morning, and you can swing by the store on Saturday or Sunday to pick up your pickle-licious goodies.

Simply Station is located at 517 Station Avenue in Haddon Heights and is waiting to satisfy your pickle cravings.

So, folks, it’s time to relish the joy of pickle sandwiches again. Get those taste buds ready because the pickle goodness is back in town, baby!

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