Donkey's Place Camden

South Jersey Food Scene Hall of Fame Inductee: Donkey’s Place Camden


Congratulations to Donkey’s Place at 1223 Haddon Avenue in Camden for being inducted into the South Jersey Food Scene Hall of Fame!

Donkey’s Place

Donkey’s Place is absolutely legendary, not just in South Jersey, but in the country! Anthony Bourdain called it the “best cheesesteak in the area,” ranking it above the Philly cheesesteak icons, and as a result, it drives people from all over the country (and maybe even the world) to try its unconventional cheesesteaks.

Most South Jersey folks know these are not your ordinary cheesesteaks – served on a round, poppy seed roll instead of a long roll. Some don’t put it in the same category as traditional cheesesteaks, calling it a “good grilled beef and cheese sandwich,” but whatever you call it – it’s pure deliciousness. Everything about it is mouthwatering, especially the fried onions. And don’t get me started on the onion rings!

Donkey’s Place deserves entry into the South Jersey Food Scene Hall of Fame for its longevity and popularity as a food destination in South Jersey. Established in 1943, the OG location is celebrating 80 years in downtown Camden. Kudos to them!

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Please note: this is a fun project that the editor of South Jersey Food Scene (who runs this site very part time) started in 2023 and will contribute to as time allows.
There are SO MANY deserving entries into the Hall of Fame and, knock on wood, we’ll get to all of them over time. Do not be offended if you don’t see a spot added yet. Give us time!


Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn is a freelance writer covering the food and drink scene of South Jersey. You can find more of her writing on Philly Grub and NewsBreak.

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