Fazzio's Pasta Company to become marijuana friendly cafe

South Jersey’s first Recreational Marijuana Cafe to open in Salem

Update: This is likely on hold pending a whole bunch of things, including a burglary, possible eviction, and a cease and desist. Stay tuned!

Salem, NJ is about to go “up in smoke” if Matthew Fazzio has his way.

Fazzio opened Fazzio’s Pasta Company in January. At first, it was doing pretty well. People in Salem seemed to like having a new restaurant in town. However, after five months, the business has slowed considerably. Matthew has switched things up as much as possible to attract customers. Weekend-only service, pasta buffets, holiday brunches, etc. As frustrated as he is, he is unwilling to throw in the towel just yet. He’s hoping to get in on the “green rush” as he pivots the restaurant to South Jersey’s first recreational “Marijuana Cafe.”

With recreational marijuana legal in New Jersey, dispensaries are now open and cashing in. In fact, on the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales, New Jersey dispensaries served over 12,000 customers and grossed almost $2 million in sales. 

There’s more to the legal recreational market than just dispensaries, though. Cannabis-friendly businesses could also see a boom. As the industry grows, opportunities will open up, and adjacent businesses will benefit from legal recreational marijuana. Industry insiders say cannabis tourism has the potential to be a billion-dollar industry in New Jersey alone!

Fazzio is not opening a dispensary (yet), but his vision is to offer a space folks can enjoy their legal weed with others publicly while enjoying good food and live entertainment. At first, it will be outdoors only. There will be tables and tents. Hookahs will be available for rent, and bong rentals will also come soon. He will also be carrying CBD products from Featherbed Farm of Salem County.

He plans on debuting Fazzio’s Pasta Company as a Marijuana Cafe in Salem next Saturday, May 14th. It will be BYOM (bring-your-own-marijuana) and BYOB (bring-your-own-blunts). Anyone who provides proof of purchase from a dispensary gets 10% off the menu.

He is having discussions with property management to implement indoor ventilation so that he can eventually open indoors as a “consumption lounge” complete with sofas, games, etc. He’s working with Philly-based Snug Nug to provide the dank lounge decor, complete with Snug Nug™ Pillows that are scented like certain strains of marijuana. There is also a space to rent for private pot parties. 

Colorado is leading the way in cannabis hospitality and social consumption spots. It’s not so far-fetched that this will happen in New Jersey sooner than later.

Now that marijuana is legal in New Jersey, more pot-friendly businesses will open up and encourage folks to partake. Food establishments seem most likely to benefit as we all know smoking marijuana can lead to the munchies!

Fazzio’s is located at Fenwick Plaza, 203 East Broadway, Suite 104, in Salem, NJ. Call (856) 759-4580 with any questions and follow them on Instagram for updates.

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