Rovagnati Italian Charcuterie Vineland NJ Plant

From Italy to Vineland: Rovagnati’s Expansion in the United States

In September 2021, Italian charcuterie company Rovagnati based its U.S. operations at a plant in Vineland, NJ. The 64,000 square feet facility employs about 20 full-time employees and supplies over 2,000 retail stores with premium Italian salumi products. 

Rovagnati’s Vineland, NJ plant opened in September 2021

Produced in Italy and sliced in the U.S., the Paolo Rovagnati Black Label Line includes sleek and distinctive packaging with suggestions detailing the best ways to prepare each cut and individual wine pairing recommendations to ensure consumers get an authentic taste of Italy with each serving.

The Rovagnati Black Label Line satisfies a wide range of palates. Salami enthusiasts can enjoy the delicate flavor and unique spice blend of the classic Salame Milano, or the peppery and smokey flavor of the lean Salame Napoli. Those interested in something a bit more intense can try the Hot Soppressata, which also happens to be Italy’s most sought-after salami. Others seeking a more familiar flavor can instead opt for the Classic Mortadella, a traditional pork shoulder and throat cut, most often recognized by its bright pink color and pearly white spots.

Prosciutto fans can choose between the Prosciutto Crudo or the Prosciutto Cotto Classic. The former, known in Italy as “Gran Milano,” is a dry-cured ham crafted with meat, salt, and time. The latter, also known as “Gran Biscotto,” is Rovagnati’s most beloved cooked ham in Italy and is made from fresh pork thighs worked by hand and slowly oven steamed. 

The cured products, including all three Salamis and the Prosciutto Crudo, are available in 3-oz. packages, and the cooked products, including the Mortadella and the Prosciutto Cotto, are available in 4-oz. packages. Salami Sticks are available in three flavors: Hot & Spicy, Classic Mild, and with Smoke Flavor in 2-oz. packages.

Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1943 by Paolo Rovagnati, the premium brand that now bears his name provides a top-quality range of charcuterie that doubles as a celebration of Italian technical know-how. At Rovagnati, a combination of quality, experience, and attention to detail in raw materials translates into a mix of traditional Italian products and new items enriched by innovative flavors and technologies that make the brand stand apart.

The complete Paolo Rovagnati Black Label Line rolls out to the consumer market in March of 2023, with the packages being available in over 2,000 US stores initially and growing.

Locally, the line of charcuterie products is available at ACME stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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