The Pub in Pennsauken

A Long Overdue Return Visit to The Pub in Pennsauken

We are HUGE fans of The Pub in Pennsauken and always have a wonderful time. The experience of this legendary South Jersey restaurant is second to none! This is not particularly a review; more of a love letter to this fine iconic establishment that has been in operation since the 50s! Its history goes back farther than that. And it’s so much more than just a steakhouse.

[Photo: The Pub]

We normally would go once or twice a year, but this was our first time back since the pandemic began. We were long overdue for a visit. We had missed it so much!

[Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Everything is as spectacular as always. We were worried because we had recently heard some not-so-good things, but I always reserve judgment for myself. Every restaurant has hiccups, especially during these continued crazy times. But they honestly did a great job. The service was friendly and efficient. The food was spot-on as far as I am concerned. Have the prices increased a bit? Who cares! You’re not going to have this experience anywhere else!

[Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

The salad bar and 1-1/2 cocktails are worth it alone! This is, without a doubt, the most unique restaurant in South Jersey. If you are thinking about going back, don’t hesitate. There is NOTHING like this anywhere, especially in our area, so you should go out and support it. Inflation, be damned!

[Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Here’s my TikTok video. Don’t mind my shaky hands. I’m not the best at taking videos, and TikTok isn’t my specialty.


Gotta love The Pub in Pennsauken! People have been celebrating special occasions here for over 60 years. It’s one of a kind! #southjerseyfoodscene

♬ Take Five – Dave Brubeck

It will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m already looking forward to returning. ❤

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