Buffalo Chicken Pizza at South End Pizza 3 in Egg Harbor Township

Buffalo Chicken Pizza at South End Pizza 3 in Egg Harbor Township

Chicken on pizza is a subject that divides people into two distinct groups: those who enjoy its presence and those who reject it outright.

Devotees of traditional pizza tend to shun the inclusion of chicken as a topping, preferring to adhere to the classic combination of crust, sauce, and cheese, occasionally accompanied by pepperoni.

However, individuals with a more adventurous palate may seek unconventional choices such as buffalo chicken.

Nestled in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, a pizza establishment has garnered enthusiastic reviews and cultivated a loyal clientele owing to its acclaimed creation, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Originating from Atlantic City, South End Pizza 3 has served customers in EHT since 2005. The highly regarded Buffalo Chicken Pizza remains a beloved choice, ensuring patrons return repeatedly.

While South End Pizza 3 offers a wide selection of traditional pizzas and other customary items found in pizza shops, their claim to fame lies in the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Famous Buffalo Chicken Pizza, huh?

Craving the tantalizing flavors of both pizza and buffalo wings? There’s no need to choose between the two; the buffalo chicken pizza will satisfy your appetite.

This delectable pizza showcases succulent chicken infused with hot or mild sauce, generously layered with mozzarella cheese. It can be ordered in three sizes: small (12″), medium (14″), or large (16″). For 75 cents, customers may also opt to include a side of either blue cheese or ranch dressing.

If you find yourself yearning for the distinctive experience of buffalo chicken pizza, make a point to visit this noteworthy South Jersey pizza establishment at 443 Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township. And when you do, mention that you saw it on South Jersey Food Scene.

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