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Ten Reasons Gouldsburger’s in Haddonfield Will Blow Your Mind!

Get ready, folks; Haddonfield’s newest burger sensation – Gouldsburger’s – will be opening *very* soon. In fact, they are shooting to open on Friday, April 28th, which is less than two weeks away! You’ll want to visit as soon as they open because this place will put all other burger places in South Jersey to shame. 

OK, that might sound like hyperbole, and don’t get me wrong, there are many great burger joints in South Jersey, but Chefs David Murray and Walter Gouldsbury proudly do “Good Food, Done Right,” and it shows in everything they do. Not to mention there are more than burgers on the menu.

The guys behind the wildly popular Crumb Sandwich Joint (Haddonfield, Medford, and Bordentown) are finally ready to unveil their burger concept, which was in the works for a while. And they couldn’t be more excited to introduce Haddonfield and South Jersey to their amazing burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, and more.

I had a first look at the space and a first taste of some of the menu items. I was genuinely impressed by the meticulous planning and attention to detail that went into crafting their menu. You can choose from one of their signature burgers or build your own to your liking. With many choices and flexibility, you are sure to find something you love.

As for the space, they put in substantial work transforming it from The Fare Porter (the previous tenant) to Gouldsburger’s—with many upgrades and TLC—new equipment, counters, lighting, HVAC, etc.

The decor exudes a straightforward charm accentuating the main attraction – the food! The walls have a calming color scheme, with shades of yellow and gray. There will be artwork on the walls. Chef Murray is a fan of food-centric artwork, which he displayed at his previous restaurant Denim BYOB and featured in the Crumb Sandwich Joint locations. 

There is seating for ten inside, and an additional six tables will be available outside on the sidewalk, offering a perfect setting for alfresco dining in Haddonfield!

Here are the Top Ten reasons why Gouldsburger’s will blow your mind.

(Note: making a perfect “top ten” was challenging because it will be great for many other reasons besides this, but it is a start.)

  1. Bread/rolls/buns made fresh daily (and throughout the day!) 
  2. USDA Prime brisket for the burgers AND cheesesteaks. Chef Murray says, “Despite costing more due to the lower yield, brisket produces a phenomenal flavor and texture with tender meat!”
  3. Cooper sharp for the cheesesteaks (need I say more!?) 
  4. Housemade “Better Beet” burgers (no Beyond or Impossible burgers here) – looks just like a real burger!
  5. Olive oil for frying – only the best!
  6. Hand-cut French fries – IYKYK! But seriously, these are amazing fries.
  7. Tempura battered onion rings (OMG!) made with Haddonfield’s own King’s Road beer in the batter. Trust me; you’ll never return to the others once you have these.
  8. There is a separate gluten-free fryer and vegetarian griddle to prevent cross-contamination.
  9. All condiments and relishes are housemade except for Heinz organic ketchup.
  10. Housemade ice cream for floats! That’s right, Walter makes all of the ice cream himself! (King’s Road is featured again in the root beer float.)

Bonus Beats: Cluckwerks is back! Chef Murray’s pandemic chicken popup when he operated Denim BYOB in Haddonfield returns in the form of two crispy chicken sandwiches and chicken strips on the menu.

The food photos are just a quick preview and should be enough to whet your appetite for what will come in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to hear what you all think when it opens!

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Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn is a freelance writer covering the food and drink scene of South Jersey. You can find more of her writing on Philly Grub and NewsBreak.

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