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Celebrate National Margarita Day at Tortilla Press Cantina

In a day and age when there is a holiday for everything, it should be no surprise that National Margarita Day is a ‘day’ and is being celebrated by area Mexican themed restaurants. Tortilla Press Cantina in Pennsauken, already known for its amazing drink menu, will be offering Margarita Day specials on this thirstiest of Thursdays!

“This year we’re adding a little twist,” Chef/owner Mark Smith told South Jersey Food Scene.

Smith has always strived to make his restaurant more environmentally friendly. He heard about Texas Sotol, a tequila-like spirit made from a sustainable succulent which is harvested in the wild, requires less land and water, and has a shorter growth time than agave, the more commonly used plant in tequilas. He knew he had to introduce it into his cocktail repertoire.

“The Sotol taste is terrific,” says Smith.  “It’s full of body and flavor.”

Gearing up for National Margarita Day on Thursday, February 22, the Cantina will offer special flavors and reduced pricing for half a dozen different flavors including strawberry, mango, blackberry, pomegranate and 1800 Coconut Margarita. All will be made with traditional agave-based tequilas.

Texas Sotol Grapefruit Margarita at Tortilla Press Cantina

To this list he is adding the new sustainable Texas Sotol, which will be offered in a grapefruit-based cocktail conceived by Chef Mark himself, as well as Clean T – a non-alcoholic tequila for those who want to enjoy the flavors without the alcohol.

“My wife’s idea,” he says apologetically. “She’s not a drinker but likes to join in with friends at the bar.” 

On this special Thursday, he will be offering reduced pricing on margaritas, all under $10! The typical $9 Rita price for these flavors as well as the Texas Sotol Grapefruit Rita will be available for $7.50. The Cantina House Rita which is usually $7 will be $6. And his upscale Ritas- 1800 Coconut Rita and Chef Mark’s Rita, usually $11, will be $9.50.

“Margaritas are one of my favorite drinks, hands down,” admits Smith. “We hope you’ll join us!”

Tortilla Press Cantina Margarita

Tortilla Press Cantina is located at 7716 Maple Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ. Operating hours on Thursday are 11am to 9pm.

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