Red’s Rolling Restaurant Expands with 2nd Food Truck for 2022 Season

Megan Hilbert is on a roll with her Red’s Rolling Restaurant food truck. So much, she’s expanding with a 2nd food truck for the 2022 season. She expects to be so busy this year she’s also hired a team of five young women who will help her run the food trucks at events and private parties.

“Last year was crazy,” Hilbert explained. “I had a full schedule and had to turn down so many events, parties, and gigs. Now I don’t have to say no. The new truck is even bigger, and I have a great team!”

Megan Hilbert with her 2nd Red’s Rolling Restaurant food truck before it was wrapped.

Even though her mother, Mary Hilbert of Mary’s Mobile Diner, has been in the food business for over 20 years, she did not originally envision getting into the business herself. 

Hilbert, 25, attended Rowan University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications. While studying, she worked at restaurants as a server and bartender to make some money. Eventually, she made her way up to General Manager for a Glassboro restaurant group. She was happy making a salary but not working six days a week for somebody else.

That’s when she started thinking of striking out on her own. The opportunity came when her mom found another food truck and, with her help, launched Red’s Rolling Restaurant in 2018.

“At first, I was naive about running my own business,” Hilbert said. “I didn’t know anything about taxes, but I learned very quickly when I owed a bunch of taxes. I have come a long way since those early days!”

Speaking about not being afraid to work hard, she pulled long hours over the years during the busy season. Word of mouth spread, and bookings came fast and furiously. “I go hard!” Hilbert stated proudly.

But even being young with a willingness to work hard can take its toll. She eventually found trusted help to work the food truck on days off or to go on vacation. 

A total of five young women, each bringing unique strengths in customer service and cooking, will be in her employ between the two food trucks: Emily Foley, Juliet Duverglas, Laura Mead, Madison Trout, and Payton Hilbert. All women were interested in working in the food business, some with various degrees of experience. But now, with Megan’s help, they’re hitting the ground running (literally) and driving their dreams. 

Juliet is already thinking entrepreneurially. She makes the truck’s homemade salad dressings and sweet treats, which she might spin-off one day, and Hilbert is 100% supportive. She’s happy to be a stepping stone for these women’s culinary career paths. 

Leadership is in Hilbert’s bones, but she was quick to note, “You’re only as good as your people!” And with this team of food truckin’ women, you’ll be seeing Red’s Rolling Restaurant I & II a lot this year. 

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Marilyn Johnson

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