Nagpuri Saoji Central Indian food in Voorhees

Nagpuri Saoji: A Taste of Central India in Voorhees

In an inconspicuous strip mall along 1227 Berlin-Haddonfield Road in Voorhees, you will find Nagpuri Saoji. It would be easy to mistake it for any Indian restaurant in South Jersey. However, It stands apart from others due to its specialization in Saoji cuisine, a relatively obscure culinary tradition from Central India.

The proprietors, Neeraj and Swapna Sagdeo transplanted themselves from Nagpur, a major city in Central India, to the United States almost two decades ago, initially pursuing careers in IT. Nostalgic for the distinctive fare of Central India, primarily the flavors of their Maharashtrian upbringing, they embarked on a venture to introduce Saoji cuisine to the American palate, potentially marking it as the inaugural Saoji eatery in the nation.

One might ponder, “What distinguishes Saoji cuisine from its other Indian food counterparts?” Unlike the predominant Northern and Southern Indian cuisines, Saoji fare centers predominantly on meat, with mutton and chicken reigning supreme in its culinary repertoire. The proprietary mix of spices creates dishes distinctly unique to anything you have ever tried. Their “Feel the Heat” tagline should indicate what Saoji cuisine brings to the table!

In other words, prepare to take your tastebuds on a spicy journey!

Chicken Korma with Garlic Naan at Nagpur Saoji

Since opening their South Jersey joint, they have expanded their menu offerings to include some coastal delicacies from the former Portuguese colony and world-famous tourist destination of Goa. Their version of flavorful and creamy Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala are must try’s and balance well with the heat from Saoji dishes of Goat Curry or Chicken curries.

Vada Paav at Nagpuri Saoji

Not a meat eater? They have plenty of vegetarian options, too. A must-try among them is their Vada Paav, Bombay’s favorite street-side snack made of potato, seasoned with spices, and placed between Paav (Portuguese for bun). Sabudana Vada (Tapioca Fritters) is a great gluten-free option. You will find your staple Paneer dishes, which Americans are used to, and some unheard-of old-world flavors from central India.

If you’re looking to try a new Indian restaurant in South Jersey, check out Nagpur Saoji, for a taste of Central India in Voorhees. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM.

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