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MrBeast Burger Launches New Plant-Based Impossible Burger

MrBeast Burger, the virtual dining brand launched in December 2020 by YouTube superstar and philanthropist, Jimmy Donaldson (AKA “MrBeast”), in partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts, has added a new plant-based category to its menu with the addition of the Impossible Burger, the award-winning plant-based beef patty from Impossible Foods.  

The plant-based portion of the menu includes the brand’s Beast Style, Chandler Style, Chris Style, and Karl’s Deluxe burgers made with Impossible Burger patties. The Impossible Burgers are available with a lettuce wrap option allowing you to forgo the bun.

MrBeast Burger is available to order online at and from the MrBeast Burger mobile app, available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

It is also available by ordering from most third-party delivery apps, including Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Seamless in the Camden and Burlington County areas.

We were invited to try it and I really enjoyed the Beast-Style Impossible Burger. It actually had the same texture and taste like a real beef burger. I’m not joking. It even had a lovely crusted sear on the outside.

The MrBeast Beast-Style Impossible Burger contains smashed crispy Impossible patties with house seasoning, American cheese, pickles, diced white onion, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard on a soft roll. I also added lettuce to mine.

Really good and I would recommend folks who are plant-based burger fans to give it a try!

P.S. Sorry for the bad photo – I was in a hurry to eat and forgot to turn off a filter! 😉


Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn is a freelance writer covering the food and drink scene of South Jersey. You can find more of her writing on Philly Grub and NewsBreak.

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